Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th April 2023 Written Update: Pihu creates a soft corner for Lakhan!

The Episode starts with Raghav asking everyone if they have seen Prachi. Everyone says no. Raghav asks them not to tell Lakhan about this as he needs rest and thus he will be stressed. Prachi comes to the construction site. Everyone watches. Who does everyone think he is? Prachi comes out of the car and says I am Lakhan’s daughter. The workers taunt her for being rich daddy’s spoiled brat who hasn’t even worked herself, now she’s here. Some workers say how Lakhan is so weak that he sent his daughter to get a soft corner.

The laborers say what will this girl think about working in the sun and getting less pay, she has no struggle and is here just for fun. Prachi says its not like that, Lakhan is not fine, I know you all work hard to make our projects successful and we value you all, Josh is the head of this project and he is my fiance. . The head there says you can talk to me in English, I am post graduate. Prachi says okay. The workers keep taunting her and say that she is just talking in air. The angry worker threw a stone at him. Raghav catches her and saves her. Raghav asks them to be at least a human being before doing this, the workers leave. Raghav takes Prachi aside and says come with me. Prachi says I can’t go, I am here to solve everything for dad. Raghav says if I didn’t come then you would have got hurt.

Prachi says thanks for this, but I need to fix things. Raghav says Lakhan is worried for you, please come, it will become more complicated if you get hurt. Prachi says I cannot hurt Lakhan any more, he is in a lot of tension and now Josh. Raghav says Lakhan needs you but you are here only because you are stubborn. Raghav walks away angrily. Prachi cries.

Prachi sits down and cries. Prachi thinks what is all this? Everyone left me, no one with me, what did I do? As soon as it rains, Prachi remembers all the moments she had with Raghav. Suddenly Raghav comes with an umbrella and Prachi smiles seeing him. Raghav gives her hand to get up. Prachi is about to say thank you when Raghav says let’s go. Prachi says no. Prachi leaves from there. Here, Pihu checks all the medicines of Lakhan. Pihu worries about Raghav and Prachi. Pihi looks at Lakhan and says you guys are back, is everything good? Lakhan says yes. Pihu says food is ready as she has lot of medicines to take.

Lakhan says I had no intention to eat but feel like eating after seeing all these delicious dishes. Lakhan asks who made it? Pihu says I made it. Lakhan is shocked. Pihu says I know how to cook. Lakhan says have you mixed something in my food. Pihu says very funny. Lakhan says that Pihu has a box of all kinds of medicines. Pihu says yes so that in your age I don’t have to take all these medicines. Lakhan says you are calling me old? Monica says stop you too. they smile. Prachi smiles seeing the rain when Raghav is just watching her. Prachi says you are taking out your frustrations in your mind right? I don’t know why you are doing this, you are standing here of your own free will. Raghav is silent.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav tries to find Prachi. Raghav says I am worried when you are not with me. Prachi asks Raghav if he still loves her.

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