Audience Perspective: Shows like Rajjo with great potential are going off air while shows with same boring storylines stay on air!


MUMBAI:While TV will not go out of existence any time soon, the grandiosity of TV shows and stars has definitely gone down. It is a very conflicting position to be in because there are two sides to the same coin, on the one side there are shows that have been on-air for decades and there are shows that have not lasted even 50 episodes.


Recently the news about the Udti Ka Naam Rajjo going off air has been circulating everywhere, and it has made the ardent fans of the show angry raising the question that why are shows about Ambitious women going off air when some dramatic shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata and Anupama get to stay on air even though they don’t make sense. Audiences have also blamed the TRP game for the deterioration of content.


In terms of TRPs, Star Plus has been one of the leading GEC channels for the longest time. The channel has produced many iconic shows, including Maryada and Pratigya, but has mostly focused on family-related shows. Anupama has been around for a long time, but where is it headed?

Rati Mishra says, “Is it so bad to have ambitious women shows, the other shows just have death and sad drama”.


Vidhi Narang says, “ If shows like Yeh Rishta can be on air after all the thousand leaps that they have, why can’t new shows and casts of Banni be there”.

Nidhi Dilliwar says “There are shows with the worst TRPS that are still on the air but I guess Star Plus only cares about Yeh Rishta and Anupama no matter what the storyline is”.


Soumya Tiwari  says “I get that Rajjo was not getting the big TRP at the end but doesn’t a drastic change call for an intervention by the channel’.


There have been constant trends that are trolling the old guards, like Anupama and Yeh Rishta for their unrelatable content, and it’s a constant twitter bash that is still making it okay for the the channel to support the shows.

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