Audience Perspective! Did Katha Ankahee break the stereotype successfully? Check out what netizens have to say

MUMBAI:Sony TV’s new show ‘Katha Ankahee’ produced by Sphere Origin, is a remake of the Turkish serial “1001 Nights”. The show stars handsome hunk Adnan Khan who was last seen in ‘Ishq Subhanallah’ opposite Eisha Singh and also stars Aditi Sharma who is known for her roles in shows like Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, Gangaa etc. The show has started on a great note and the upcoming episodes are sure to entertain its viewers.

As we know that show has been running great and the audience reception has also been amazing.


The depth in the character design cannot go unnoticed and the actors are truly doing justice in playing their characters.


There have been a lot of shows that came recently with unique concepts. Some worked and some didn’t. On the other hand, Katha Ankahee didn’t come with a unique concept, rather it came a topic that’s not really talked about much.

The term ‘one-night stand’always has a negative sound to it but the show writers took the challenge to adapt the story for the Indian audiences.


The producer of the show Sujoy Wadhwa is always known to break stereotypes. But the question is, did the show really break the stereotype successfully? Let’s see what the fans have to say:

Dhaval Tripathi: I love the adaptation. I have watched the original show in Turkish but I was not expecting an Indian adaptation and I love Adnan and Aditi for the way they play their roles. It’s just amazing. What expressions!

Kaamna Patil: I know that a mother can go to any limit but situations going so crazy that she accepts a one-night stand, it’s just so crazy. I mean yes I understand that it was the call of the situation but I still can’t digest it. It’s so hard-hitting.

Priya Prasad: I love Katha. She is so strong. But I cannot see how even after having such an unfortunate situation, she is still there working under the same person. I understand the way situations rise up but I just can’t digest it. I also love how Viaan’s character was backed by a strong reason.

Nilofer Ahmed – It’s an amazing experience watching Katha and Viaan’s story. Viaan has a single mother and has emotional issues. Katha is a single mother but cannot show it out. It was just beautiful how it was all revealed to Viaan and the way he reacted. It was so natural. Katha’s situation is understandable and it’s just breathtaking to see how she crossed all the boundaries just to save her child. It was so emotional.

Are you a fan of Katha Ankahee too? Tell us what you think about the show.

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