Anupama 7th April 2023 Written Update

Neighbors badmouth about Anupama while she walks on street. They question Anupama if she fought with Anuj and separated from him and comment that god shouldn’t give anyone an ill fate like her. They continue to humiliate her. Bhavesh rushes towards Anupama to protect her. Kanta stops him and reminds him that Anupama said they are her strenth and not crutches, so let Anupama reply the neighbors. Bhavesh says she should give a befitting replay to them. Neighbors criticize Anupama for unable to handle 2 marriages and her children following her path, etc. Anupama runs from there and sits on a bench sobbing. Her inner voice emerges and asks if she accepted defeat so easily; did she create her own identity and fought with the world for herself for this day; she did a mistake by getting affected by strangers’ opinion and not giving them a befitting reply; people always criticized her from leaving Vanraj to starting her business to marrying Anuj, etc.; earlier she used to give shut their mouth but now she ran away like a wet cat; she should remember Anuj calling her a tigress who fights back; she shouldn’t accept defeat so easily and should get up and fight. A kid passes by chanting continue to walk without stopping. Anupama confidently walks on street. Kinare… song plays in the background. She returns to the bullying neighbors.

Barkha bursts out on a servant when he talks about Anupama. She sees Pakhi’s call on Adhik’s number and disconnects it. Adhik with Ankush walks in and informs that they both cracked a big business deal. Barkha gives credit to all 3 of them. Ankush says its Anuj’s project and they are garnering praises unnecessarily. Barkha asks him not to be so humble and accept his hard work. Adhik notices Pakhi’s call. Barkha warns him not to pick it and concentrate on his work as Pakhi will just shout at him and divert his attention. Adhik obeys her. Pakhi gets angry seeing her ignored and thinks she called him to inform about Vanraj’s job, she should do something before they all 3 do something evil against Anupama.

Anupama tells bullying neighbors that their discussion as incomplete, so they should complete it without wasting their time. She starts her speech that mother nature has 4 season, but life has only 2 seasons, happiness and sorrows; happiness stays constant, but sorrow travels everywhere and she hopes their happiness doesn’t turn into sorrow; she followed her first marriage with utmost loyalty but got betrayal in return, so she decided to divorce her husband instead of containing a toxic relationship; she fought with the society and herself and got out of a relationship which didn’t have self-respect and is proud of it; she married again at a grandma’s age and became a mother and fought with the society for her husband Anuj; neither her husband nor she left him; problems arise in every couple, that doesn’t mean they will separate; they should use their salt somewhere else instead of rubbing on someone else’s wounds; nothing is perfect in life and there would be something missing, couple fight when there is a difference, even they must be fighting, then how can be her fight different from them; she prays that no woman should suffer like her, but get the opportunities she got in life. She greets them and walks away confidently while they all stand with their head bent in shame.

Vanraj feeds sweets to family and says he really feels by heart that everything will be good both in his and Anupama’s lives. Kavya asks how did Anupama come in between. Vanraj says Anupama was always on a right path, now she doesn’t have a hurdle named Anuj in her life and her path is more clear now; he now realized that some relationships never end and some are made to end. He tells Kavya that he doesn’t care if she meets Anirudh or do whatever with him as one gets a second chance in life to realize a value of first chance; Anupama also took a second chance and got only troubles in lives. Kavya asks if he is talking about them. Vanraj sas she can think whatever she wants to; first relationship is always special, hence Kavya feels comfortable with Anirudh. Hasmukh asks if he has gone mad after getting a job. Vanraj says his job is on one side, he is just telling truth. He gives his usual evil grin.

Precap: Anupama calls Maaya and asks her to let her speak to Little Anu. Maaya lies that she is outside the house. Anupama asks about Anuj. Maaya disconnects call. Anuj asks her whose phone was it. Maaya lies her friend’s call. Anupama’s children cheer her up and make her laugh. Vanraj records their video with an evil grin on his face.

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