Anupama 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj And Anupama Ask Maya To Leave Their House

Anupama 6th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj tells Maaya that he loves Anupama immensely and whatever is in Maaya’s heart for him doesn’t matter to him at all. He sys he has only Anupama in heart from the beginning and till his death, nobody can replace Anupama in his heart. He recites a poem for Anupama describing his immense love for Anupama. Adhik and Barkha ask Anuj and Anupama to kick Barkha out of the house without thinking much. Maaya reminds Anuj that he had promised her to let her stay at his month for a month. Anuj says he didn’t know about her intentions then. Ankush says tears a women’s weapon against men and Anuj shouldn’t fall for them. Maaya says he can’t break his promise. Anuj says he can when Maaya herself didn’t follow the promise, he thought she had come here for Little Anu. Maaya says of course she came here for Little Anu, but when he protected her from Sampath, she couldn’t control herself but never meant to seduce him as she never thought of interfering between Anuj and Anupama. Barkha asks really?

Maaya says just because she agreed to Kavya’s allegations, they all started judging her. Barkha says she didn’t tell truth by herself but because Kavya didn’t leave any option for her. Maaya says she confessed the truth and accepted her mistake; Anuj is so good that anybody can fall in his house. Barkha asks Anuj if someone comes and says he loves Anupama, will he let him stay in his house; why is he tolerating a manipulator. Maaya says she is not an emotional manipulator and tells Anupama that it was from her side and Anuj is not at mistake. Anupama warns her to shut up as she doesn’t need any justification for her husband as she trusts him completely. Maaya apologizes. Anuj says she is sorry now after doing all this. Maaya says when Anupama used to visit Shah house often, Anuj used to get angry on her and then she took care of Little Anu. Barkha says she eyed on daugher’s papa trying to care of daughter. Maaya warns her to stop talking nonsense and says whatever she did was for her daughter and to reduce Anupama’s burden.

Anupama says thank you for whatever she did till now and no thank you for what is she planning to do; its good that she managed her daughter behind her, but any woman wouldn’t tolerate her trying to manage sher husband and hence she should leave. Akush says finally Anupama agreed. Anupama says she is not sorry to send her out of the house seeing her evil intentions. Anuj asks Maaya to leave. Maaya says she will go and will also take her daughter along. They all 4 stand shocked. At Shah house, Pakhi tells family that Maaya can go to any extent to stay at Kapadia house and hopes Anupama doesn’t fall for her words. Vanraj says he doesn’t know about Anupama, but Anuj definitely wouldn’t like Maaya to go from there. Adhik says Anuj is not like that. Hasmukh says instead of talking nonsense, they should go to their rooms and rest. Kinjal says he is right, they shouldn’t opine sitting here. Leela says when her son did a mistake, everyone criticized him and when Anuj did wrong, nobody said anything. Pakhi says whatever it is, she just hopes Anupama stays peacefully with Anuj and Little Anu.

Maaya threatens to take her daughter from here at any cost. Barkha says this is her reality, then why was she acting like an oppressed yet sensible woman, she is a shameless blackmailer. Anuj says she is right, Maaya is blackmailing them. Maaya says whatever it is, she made a mistake and apologized them, but they don’t want to forgive her; she will leave with her daughter as she was here anyways to stay with her daughter. Barkha says she tried her luck to trap Anuj, but when failed is threatening to . Anuj and Anuj say they will not let Maaya take Little Anu away. Maaya challenges that she is Little Anu’s biological mother, no power or law in the world can stop her from taking her daughter away. Anuj asks what will she do if her daughter refuses to go with her. Maaya asks if he can see his daughter crying. Anupama asks why is she dragging a child between their fight. Maaya says she just wants to be near her daughter, she knows she hurt them but never thought bad for them. Anupama says she let her stay in this house even after knowing her past as she is a woman, but not even 15 days finished that she started play a game of another woman; though she gave birth to Little Anu, she doesn’t have any right to play with her innocent mind.

Maaya says she is Little Anu’ mother and never tried to manipulate her against Anuj and Anupama, they arelike her extended family and she will never try to harm them. Barkha asks if they are her sister and BIL or a close relative. Maaya says she doesn’t want to talk to her and continues her justification. She finally requests Anupama to let her celebrate Anupama’s birthday as she had promised Little Anu. Anuj and Anupama walk away from there. Barkha and Ankush ask her to get out before Anupama’s birthday, they will decide about Little Anu lager. Samar walks holding Dimple’s hand and expresses his concern for Anupama. Dimple says he should trust Anuj. Samar says he trusts Anuj but not his fate Dimple says even he she fears getting Samar and then losing him. Samar proposes to marry her. Dimple says her divorce is not yet over. Samar says he will wait till her divorce finishes. She happily hugs him.

Anupama asks Anuj if he gave permission to Maaya to stay back for 1 month. Anuj says ye did, recalling the incident, and says he was selfish thinking of Little Anu’s happiness; he is sorry for this behavior. Anupama says let’s talk about Little Anu, they know that Maaya is right that she has more right on Little Anu than them. Anuj says let Maaya go from here. Anupama asks what about Little Anu. Anuj says he told Maaya that he will not let her take Little Anu, but he can’t live without Little Anu as his family is complete after years. Little Anu walks to them and says she forgot her note book here. Anu asks her to take it. She takes her books and wishes them good night. She then says she is missing her class tomorrow as she and Maaya will be busy in Anupama’s birthday arrangements. Once she leaves, Anuj breaks down saying she can’t live without his daughter.

Precap: Maaya gets anxious when Anuj and Anupama celebrate Anupama’s birthday at an orphage and then picnic at a beach. Later, Maaya informs them that she couldn’t get an evening flight and hence is leaving in the morning. Anupama asks if Maaya will go alone or with Little Anu.

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