Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Little Anu Shares A Reason Behind Her Decision To Go With Maaya

Maaya tells Anupama that maybe Anupama is a better mother than her, but she gives full time to her daughter and not divides her motherly love in 4 parts like Anupama. Kavya says it was their incompetence that they couldn’t handle their problem and dragged Anupama in it. Hasmukh says it was Leela’s mistake who couldn’t handle their family issues. Vanraj, Kinjal, and Samar also request Maaya not to take Little Anu away from Anuj and Anupama. Anupama says Maaya can stay with them forever. Maaya says she doesn’t want her daughter to be spilt between 2 mothers and become like Anupama. Vanraj asks what if Little Anu misses Anuj and Anupama and wants to return to them. Maaya says he shouldn’t worry about that, she will give immense love to her daughter and make her not miss anyone.

Anuj tells Maaya that she is getting stubborn now, she manipulated his daughter and take her away from him, what if she wants return to him. Maaya says she will make sure her daughter doesn’t remember anyone at all and says she took away Little Anu uninformed to avoid this drama. Barkha says she manipulated Little Anu and took her away. Maaya says Anupama could also have manipulated Little Anu, but Anupama didn’t have time for even that. Anupama pleads Maaya again, but Maaya refuses to listen to anyone and challenges to go leal route if they can. Anuj requests to let them meet Little Anu. Maaya says they can only in her presence. Anuj and Anupama say they are not manipulators like her and wouldn’t use any dirty tricks like her on Little Anu. Maaya agrees and lets them meet Little Anu. Barkha and Leela frighten Maaya that Anupama can easily solve any issue and will convince Little Anu to stay back. Maaya gets tensed and thinks if she made a mistake. Hasmukh hopes Little Anu stays back with Anuj and Anupama.

Anuj and Anupama meet Little Anu and ask where she had been and what did she do. Little Anu says she was in a hotel with Maaya, had ice cream, then spoke to them and slept after that. Anuj says strawberry ice cream, its also his favorite. Little Anu asks if he brought her chocolate. He says yes. She says she wants it right now. Anuj goes to bring it. Anupama hugs her and asks if she is angry on her that she wants to go away from here and says surri surri/sorry. Little Anu asks her not to cry and says she wants to tell her something. Anuj rushes to kitchen and searches for the chocolate he brought for Maaya. Little Anu says she loves Maaya, but she loves Anupama and Anuj more. Anupama pampers her. Little Anu says she wants to go with Maaya though as Maaya told she is alone and they have everyone here, so let her go with Maaya. Anuj finds chocolate box and falls down while running back towards Little Anu’s room. Ankush and Vanraj lift him up and asks him to sit for some time. Anuj doesn’t listen and run towards Little Anu’s room. Kavya tells Maaya that Little Anu can’t get a better father than Anuj. Maaya warns her to shut up and mind her own business.

Little Anu tells Anupama that she knows Anupama and Anuj fight because of her and if she stays with them, Maaya will make them fight more with her conspiracies and she doesn’t want them to fight, so let her go. Anuj walks in and offers chocolate box to Little Anu. Anupama recalls Maaya’s 15-day challenge and Little Anu’s request. Maaya gets restless and tries to get into Little Anu’s room. Shahs stop her and say Little Anu is with her parents, so she can’t disturb them. They tongue lash her for Maaya’s manipulative behavior and heinous acts. Maaya asks who are they to interfere between her, Anuj, and Anupama and warns them to get away from her way. Leela says this is Anuj’s house and she can’t order them. Maaya says okay fine. Anuj pleads Little Anu to give him one more chance to take proper care of her. Little Anu wipes his tears and says she will miss everyone. Anuj asks why is she going then. Little Anu says Maaya is alone, but they have everyone with them. Anuj says her presence matters to him than everyone else and asks her to convince Maaya to stay with them. He says he and Anupama failed to convince Maaya, she will agree if Little Anu says she wants to stay with her parents. Little Anu looks at Anupama.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama perform Little Anu’s farewell and let her go with Maaya. Matjaa Re Matjaa.. song plays in the background.

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