Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Alifi and Haida getting shocked seeing Simsim. Simsim captures both Alifi and Haida and asks for Nafi and Poya. Alifi asks Haida to not give details about them. Simsim says they don’t need to as they are enough for her. She says that they will help Ali shed blood tears. Ali is on his way praying that nothing bad happens with the kids else he wouldn’t forgive himself. Alifi and Haida fight for help when Hasan comes there. He swears to save their life risking his own life. He tries attacking Simsim but Simsim attacks him back. He falls down severely wounded. Hasan asks Simsim to leave the kids else Ali won’t spare her. Simsim asks him to pass the news to Ali and leaves with Alifi and Haida.

Marjina is happy to get her memories back and finally feels home. Ali expresses his concern for the kids and feels that they are in some danger. Marjina gives him strength. Bhabhi is complaining about kids when Ali comes there. Bhabhi and Dadi get happy seeing him. Their happiness doubles seeing Marjina. Bhabhi asks Marjina where she was all these days as they were worried for her. Marjina says that she was finding her way back home. Ali asks for kids when Bhabhi says that they are missing for the past three days. Ali gets worried when Hasan comes injured. He says that she took the kids with her. Bhabhi asks why he’s calling Chote Khoswal as Ali. Marjina reveals that Chote Khoswal is none other than Ali shocking Bhabhi. Hasan takes Simsim’s name shocking all.

Saddam asks Simsim what he could do to make her happy. Simsim says that only pain can make her happy and asks him to torture the kids. He offers to kill but she asks him to save it for later. Ali asks Hasan where Simsim took the kids. Hasan says Kabul Shahi Mahal. Ali wonders why there and Marjina says Saddam is there and suspects that Saddam joined hands with Simsim. Ali asks how she knew about it for which she says that she has past history with him to settle. Saddam makes his men apply honey on Alifi and Haida’s body. While they watch confused, he releases red ants for them to be bitten.

Haida and Alifi get bitten and shout in pain. They scream for help but Saddam says their voice won’t go out. Marjina shows secret pathway to reach Saddam. Ali asks how she knows about it for which she says it’s a long story. Simsim comes to Bilqis place to find clues about talismans. She makes Bilqis eye appear in front of her and Alifi introduces herself to it. She says she needs Iblis to rule over the world for which she needs the talisman. She shows the lady’s image to the eye for it to identify her.

Precap: Guards stops Ali and Marjina in Shahi Mahal and they identifies Marjina as Shezadi. Ali gets shocked realising that Marjina is Shezadi Mariam.

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