Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Ali keeping his promise and gives Rubina’s head back to her. Rubina fixes it on her body and suddenly a big ray of light emits from her. The people get shocked seeing sunlight at their place. Rubina gets back her original form. Zayn’s father says that they are witnessing the light after so many years and everyone rejoices. Rubina feels indebted to Aki for getting her head back. She releases everyone and says she troubled them a lot. Zayn thanks them. Ali asks Zayn to take everyone to Kameela. They all leave.

Rubina says that he made it impossible to possible. She says that never in her dreams she thought that she could get her head back. Ali says whatever he did is for the sake of humanity. She takes his hand and worships it. Marjina says that it’s their fate that brought them together. Rubina says that it’s Ali and Marjina’s fate that’s destined to be together. She says that whatever Ali said about Shezade is true. She says that Shezade is one of the shaitan of Iblis and if she would have married him she would’ve turned into a shaitan too. Marjina regrets not trusting Ali and asks for his forgiveness. She says that she wishes that her memory gets back so that she could find out who’s hers and who’s stranger. Rubina says that they can get Rubina’s memories back which is locked by Simsim.

Few people were enjoying their place when a sudden storm came there. Simsim comes there and says that she’s three to kill them. They ask what they did to her. Simsim says that they are human and that’s enough for her to hate them. She says that they can choose to have painless or painful death if they want. She says another human like them arrested her. They say that they would only bow in front of God and not a shaitan. They get ready to fight and she calls them a fool. She easily defeats them all and kills them together. She absorbs their energy and says that she gets power and satisfaction in their death.

Kameela people ask for forgiveness to Rubina for their ancestors ditching her. They promise to never turn their back on anyone who needs help. Rubina tells Ali that he needs to go to a jungle that belongs to Simsim. She says that they need to find the tree of memories where Simsim locked Marjina’s memories. She gives him a lamp clamp that could help him fight the evil powers there. She warns him about the upcoming danger in the jungle. Ali thanks her and takes his leave with Marjina. Ali thinks that Marjina’s memories should be back for his love. Simsim says her Thieves that they need to show humans their place. She says that she needs to find the Chote Khoswal to get back her Talisman. Khalid says about Chote Khoswal coming to Marid’s jungle with a girl and also defeating Marid. Simsim gets shocked hearing it. She swears to find him at any cost.

Precap: Simsim learns that someone has entered her jungle and uses her power to se who it is. She learns that it’s Chote Khoswal and swears to kill him.

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