Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 29th March 2023 Written Update: Alifi finds a way to get rid of the crown.

The episode starts with Haida hearing Queen Malika saying that she made the fake Shezadi wear a crown which is poisonous. Once she dies due to the poison everyone would be easily convinced with her plan. Haida thinks that Alifi is in danger. Malika’s side kick says that the poisonous crown also can be removed only by the real Shezadi. Malika’s ring falls down and it goes near Haida. She picked it but didn’t see Haida. Nafi, Poya and Alifi are searching for Haida when Haida comes there and says whatever she found about Malika and Real Shezadi. They decide to find the real Shezadi to get rid of the crown and defeat Malika. The real Shezadi is actually trapped inside a picture frame right behind them but they couldn’t see or hear her.

Marjina wants to go into the cave but Ali stops her saying that he alone will go inside. Marjina is against it and wants to come with him. Ali warns her of the grave danger that could be inside the place but Marjina acts bold. He teases her and scares her. He asks her to stay there while he would go in to check out. Marjina asks him to be careful. Marid sees Marjina and Ali from far and recalls about Ali’s blood needed to release Simsim. Nafi, Poya and Alifi come across Malika and they act normal in front of them. She thinks that Alifi didn’t say anything to them. Malika sends the others away and takes Alifi with her for a private talk.

Ali finds human skeletons lying around the cave and wonders what happened to all of them. Suddenly smoke spreads and Simsim appears out of the smoke. Ali is shocked to find Simsim released and wonders how. He gets even more shocked seeing Simsim holding Marjina hostage. She strangles her and Ali asks her to deal with him and leave Marjina. Simsim doesn’t listen to him and stabs Marjina shocking Ali. Simsim enjoys seeing Ali in pain as Ali removes the knife from Marjina’s body. Simsim says that along with Marjina Ali’s love also will be dead. Ali is about to slash Simsim with his sword but she disappears. A dying Marjina asks him to die with her if he really loves her. Ali takes the knife and Marjina encourages him to die with her. Ali brings the knife close to his heart and starts pressing it against his chest. Rubina asks Ali to not fall for the mind games that could confuse him.

Malika says Alifi that she did right by not revealing anything to her friends. Alifi asks her to not break her promise and leave her friends alive. Malika says that she is a snake who don’t go against their promise. She says she would have left her alive too but it’s her face which is the reason for her dying. She increases the poison lenel in the crown and says that she would die by the next morning. Ali presses the knife against his chest and Marid collects the drop of blood without Ali’s knowledge to release Simsim. Ali remembers how Marjina risked her life to save him and there’s no way she would ask him to die. He understands that it’s a trap and calls out for Marjina. Marjina comes running and Aki kills the fake Marjina. Marid gets furious over it.

Precap: Marid uses Ali’s blood to release Malaika. Ali and Marjina finds many heads that resembles Rubina’s. Marid promises to not let Ali and Marjina go out alive from the place.

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