Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 28th March 2023 Written Update: Ali and Marjina breaks the spell

The episode starts with Ali and Marjina fighting with each other. They both swear to kill each other. Takatvar Shaitan Marid continues to help Simsim. He tries to locate Simsim using his powers. They find Malaika and Khalid asks Marid to free Malaika. Poya finished all the goods and asked for more food. Alifi comes there and Nafi notices the change in her appearance. Alifi wonders how to convey the truth to the friends. She recalls Queen’s threat and wonders how to say the truth. She sees rice and writes HELP on the plate using rice. Nafi notices it and understands that Alifi needs help. He shouts that there’s a mongoose there and the snake guards run to find it. Nafi uses their distraction to their use.

The lady magician enjoys Ali and Marjina fighting to kill each other while Ali hurts Marjina’s palm. Marjina fight with him and he drops the knife. Marjina picks the knife and is about to stab Ali but Ali holds it and gets hurt. They join hands and their blood mixes. Nafi takes Alifi outside and asks what’s the issue. Alifi talks about the poisonous crown and how the poison is spreading in her body. They ask why she would want to kill her. She says that she knows that she’s fake Shezadi and asks for Haidi. They have no idea about her. Haidi by mistake reaches the Queen’s dorm who says he’s assistant that it’s her who held Baasha and the real Shezadi captured using the Talisman. She married Baasha to rule the snake world but in return had to tolerate the step daughter. However she says that the real Talisman is hidden by the real Shezadi somewhere and she needs it. Haidi hears it all.

Ali and Marjina come out of the spell and they realise that they were under the magician’s spell. The magician is shocked knowing that they are out of the spell. Rubina is surprised seeing Ali and Marjina’s love which broke a powerful spell. Marid tries saving Malika but couldn’t. He says that they need the blood of the person who captured her to get her released. The magicians try to attack Ali and Marjina but Ali throws holy water on her. She burns in pain. Marid only gets her ashes and finds who’s the person who killed the big magician. He identifies that he’s the same person who captured Malika. Rubina strangles the lock around Ali and Marjina’s neck indicating that time is running out.

Precap: Ali says Marjina that he can’t lose her again while Marjina is suffering in pain. She asks him to stab himself as if they can’t be together alive they can be together after life. Ali stabs himself.

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