Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 24th March 2023 Written Update: Snake Queen poisons Alifi for lying about her Identity

The episode starts with Ali gaining consciousness and waking up Marjina too. He finds Zayn there and about to go near him but both are locked up. The horse woman comes there and frees them from the lock. They follow the horse woman as she leaves. A lady is seen singing lullaby for a baby and she turns out to be the Queen of snake world. The guards alerts her about the arrival of Alifi. The Queen glares at Alifi and immediately hugs her. She is glad that Shezadi is back. Poya sighs in relief. She identifies her as her daughter and the Queen alerts the guards to take the others to the room and treat them well. Once they leave she holds Alifi by neck saying that she knows she’s not Shezadi and asks who she is.

Ali and Marjina witness the human face of the horse woman in the mirror. He says that he’s aware that there is humanity in her which is why she still didn’t kill the groom. He asks what’s her problem and why is she doing all this. The horse woman says that everyone refers to her as Shaitani Jism but she’s not Shaitani. She says that whenever she wants to see her face she comes in front of the mirror. She identifies herself as Rubina. Ali asks who did this with her and Rubina says that it happened with her because of love. She says Simsim did this with her and Ali says even he suffered a lot because of Simsim. Marjina wonders who Simsim is. She says that she loved Iblis and because of it Simsim sent her 40 Thieves to kill her. She took refuge at the same people of Zayn but they got threatened by the Thieves and revealed her hideout. She promised to come back for revenge on them.

The Thieves bring Rubina in front of Simsim who beheads her. However she didn’t want her suffering to end just like that and so gave life to her body so that she would suffer forever. She says that it’s because of the people of Camile she had to lose her love. She says that she wants them to suffer the same way of losing their love and so ruin their wedding. Ali says that her real culprit is Simsim and not these people. He promises to bring back her head to her and in return he demands to release the grooms she has held up. The Queen says Alifi that she just looks like Shezadi but she’s not Shezadi but she can’t kill her as others believe she’s one. She makes her wear a poisonous flower crown and Alifi couldn’t remove it. She says that the poison in the crown will slowly spreads all over her body and as a result she would die. She also warns her to not say it to anyone else she would poison her friends who are enjoying the feast.

Rubina says that it’s not so easy to bring her head back as Simsim had kept it in a Shaitani jungle with 14 Shaitani protectors surrounding it. Ali still promises to get her head back and Marjina also agrees to accompany him. Rubina ties a lock around their neck and gives them 24 hours time to come back with her head. She says that if they fail to do so she promises to kill all the groom’s and the locks wil strangle them too.

Precap: Ali and Marjina reach the jungle and find many dead bodies. Ali suspects that the people died by immense torture but wonders what it is. Suddenly a lady creates a terrible sound and Ali and Marjina’s ear drums hurt badly due to it.

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