Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Ali finds a shocking truth about Shaitani Jism

The episode starts with Ali calling Marjina beautiful and asks her to come out. Marjina asks if he has a plan to fight the horseman. Ali says no and asks her to close her eyes when the horsemen appear. Marjina asks why and Ali says that he doesn’t want her to be scared seeing it. He asks her to trust him and Marjina expresses her trust in him . A snake lady notices the kids and alerts others. The snake people surround the kids to attack them. The kids get scared when all of a sudden they say that their Shezadi is back referring to Alifi. Poya asks why they are referring to her as Shezadi but Alifi is clueless. They say that they were searching for her for so long and Alifi is about to deny when Poya intervenes. He says that she’s Shezadi and they are her friends. The snake people welcome them and take them to their Queen. Alifi gets confused.

People were worried that Ali would put their lives at risk with the fake marriage act. Ali and Marjina come there. Ada says that the Shaitani Jism would come any minute and Ali is ready to face the jism. The priest asks for Ali and Marjina’s permission to accept the marriage. Ali gives his consent but Marjina gets into thinking. Zayn’s mother asks her not to worry as the jism would arrive before they could give their final consent. It’s time for their third and final consent. Priest says that if they agree for the third time then they would be tied as husband and wife in front of God. Ali gives his consent but Marjina is worried to give the final consent.

Alifi confronts Poya for the lie when they find a picture of Alifi as Shezadi and shows it to Alifi. Alifi says that it’s not her and someone who just looks like her. Two male snake guys appear in front of them and introduce themselves as the most poisonous snakes in the world. They are ready to bite anyone Alifi asks them to. Alifi asks them to just take them to the Queen. Zayn’s father asks them to stop the wedding as there’s no sign of jism’s arrival. He thinks that the Shaitani Jism is aware of the fake wedding. He decides to stop the wedding but Ali asks them to not back off. Marjina is about to give her third consent when the jism comes there. Ali asks Marjina to close her eyes and apologizes to her that he has another plan.

The Shaitani Jism captures Ali and takes him with it while Ali simply abides. Marjina wonders why Ali didn’t use his sword. Ali while getting dragged away thinks that it’s the only way to reach the Shaitani Jism’s place. However all of a sudden someone blocks their way and it turns out to be Marjina. She fights with the Jism to leave Ali. The Jism attacks Marjina and defeats her. Ali unleashes his sword and is about to attack the Jism but the Jism didn’t harm Marjina and returns back. Ali rushes to her and they both decode that the Jism didn’t kill both Ali and Marjina despite having a chance and wonders if it didn’t kill the groom’s too. Ali confronted the Jism asking if it’s not a Shaitani Jism and doesn’t kill people. He asks for it’s the truth when the horseman holds both Ali and Marjina’s neck with it’s magic. Ali sees the jism’s reflection in water and realizes that it’s a lady. He says the same to her but the horse woman attacks them and calls them fool for falling in death trap.

Precap : Ali promises the horse woman to get her head back and in return asks her to let go off all the groom’s and never trouble the people again. The horse woman agrees to the deal but also warns him that if he doesn’t return with her head by the next 24 hours she would kill all the grooms .

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