Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 21st March 2023 Written Update: Ali saves Ada from headless horseman

The episode starts with Alibaba swearing to ruin the horseman and asks them to share about its story. The groom’s father says that all they know is the horseman takes away all the groom but doesn’t know the real reason for it. Ali asks why didn’t they leave the place if it’s so dangerous. He says that they tried but it keeps following them. Ali swears to save the people from the headless horseman. The groom’s Father says that it’s impossible as none of the grooms ever returned who got kidnapped.

He doesn’t even know whether the groom is alive and he could risk is own life. The groom’s sister expresses her trust in Ali and Ali promises to bring her brother back to her. He asks them to take care of Marjina while he’s away. Marjina offers to follow him but Ali requests her to stay back as it’s the biggest help for him. He leaves while Marjina is impressed with his efforts to risk his life for others.

Alifi and the kids catch the drunkard and coax him to talk about the talisman. The drunkard says that a two foot snake has already taken it away from him and they get confused. They think that they wasted their time on him. Ali follows the footprints of the horse to track the horsemen. He finds the footprints disappeared and hears horse sound. He hides and finds the horseman making track with the sword while riding the horse. He wonders why he does so. Marjina requests the groom’s mother to have something if she really forgave her. She agrees to have it when Marjina finds the groom’s sister Ada missing and everyone panics.

Ali finds Ada approaching the horseman while Ada sets out to find her brother. Ada’s father asks Marjina to take care of his wife while he sets out to find Ada. Nafi asks Alifi what if the drunkard said the truth about human shape shifting snakes. Alifi asks how it’s possible and Nafi asks why can’t it be true as when they can turn into goats a human can turn into a snake too. Alifi asks how they would find the snake lady and Haidi says that it’s believed that the snakes shed their old skin on full moon night and it’s full moon night today. They agreed to search for the lady.

Ada runs as a horseman follows her. Ali saves Ada. Alifi and the team solit into two to find the snake lady. They find a snake and Poya talks with the snake if it could turn into a human. The snake gets angry and leaves. Nafi says that they can’t talk with all the snakes and reminds him what the drunkard said. He says that the woman looks like a snake by appearance. The horseman makes an X symbol on ground and goes back. Ali tries to pass the symbol but he gets thrown away. He wonders why he couldn’t pass through.

Precap : Ali promises Ada to save her brother at any cost and Marjina smiles seeing it. The groom Zayn is tied up when the horseman comes there. He slashes the sword at Zayn and he gets scared.

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