Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 16th March 2023 Written Update: Ali and the kids have a hit and miss

The episode starts with Alifi and the kids sleeping when Alifi hears horse sound. She’ll look in that direction and gets happy seeing Ali. She is happy to see him and it’s revealed to be her dream. The kids wake her up and Alifi realises that it’s her dream. She feels upset but also wishes that her dream come true.

Marjina is still unconscious and Shagufta sends off Ali and Marjina and wishes for their happy life ahead. Ali is worried about Shezade but Shagufta assures that she will take care of it. She also gives a gift to Marjina and Ali asks what it is. Shagufta says it’s something Marjina would need later. She shows him the way Ali leaves with Marjina.

Alifi and the kids while travelling to Parwaz get stuck in a sand storm. They hear horse sounds and hides thinking it to be thieves. It’s actually Ali who’s bringing back Marjina. The horse couldn’t sustain the storm and runs away. Ali tries to catch the gift Shagufta gave to Marjina. Alifi and the kids try leaving upon thinking that he left. However Alifi slips and falls down and she gets shocked seeing Ali chasing after the horse.

However he soon disappears and Alifi and the kids are convinced that it’s her hallucination. However Nafi and Poya suspect that Alifi is hiding something from them. They all reach Parwaz and are relieved to be there. Poya can’t get ready to fill his stomach when they spot Romana there. Nafi and Poya hide from her as Romana is discussing a plan with a thief. Alifi and Haidi were away. Nafi and Poya disguise themselves to escape from Romana but she gets doubtful.

Marjina gains her consciousness and recalls all that happened. Ali tries explaining to her but she doesn’t listen to him and asks what he did to Shezade. Ali recalls Shagufta’s gift and gives it to Marjina. She opens it to find a magic mirror which shows the current happy situation in Shezade’s world. Romana expresses her doubt to thief who shuts her. She can’t wait to get hold of the talisman and she need to find the kids for it. Nafi and Poya hear it from inside the tarpai. Marjina walks away but slips and hands on a cliff. Ali tries helping her but she rejects his help. Later they both fall rolling down the place and faints.

Precap: Ali wakes up Marjina who wakes up with a pounding headache. She says that there are lots of images appearing in her mind and finally ste recollects her memory. Ali and Marjina reunite.

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