Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 15th March 2023 Written Update: Shagufta helps Ali and Marjina.

The episode starts with Ali searching for the needle in a hurry. He finds water, fire and air at the same place and lights the tomb. They connect themselves and the needle appears. Ali recalls Shagufta’s warning.

He first checks it to find that he would be burnt if he touches it with bare hand. A monster mocks him saying that he can’t he will die for sure. Ali gets an Idea an idea and makes use of the monster to get the needle. He kills the monster in the process and gets hold of the needle.

Shezade says that only one last ritual is left for her to perform. She is ready for it and Shezade says that for completing the ritual he needs to bite her to fulfil the ritual. Marjina thinks a lot and finally agrees. Before Shezade could bite Marjina, Ali stabbed him with the pin.

Shezade shouts in pain while the monster comes out of Marjina’s body. It says that he failed in his mission. Shezade before dying bites Marjina and Marjina falls unconscious. Ali tries to wake her up. Alifi and the kids get tired of walking and Alifi suggests spending the nights there.

Haidi is worried if there would be any danger there. Alifi assures that they would be safe. They make a camp fire and seat with dry grass. Haidi expresses her fear and Nafi increases it. Alifi reprimands him. They all settle down to sleep.

Shezade thinks that his mother is dead but Shagufta appears in front of him alive shocking him. Shagufta says that when her own do try to kill her it’s God’s child who saved her. She says what happened and Shezade asks her to remove the needle before it completely kills him.

Shagufta moves her hand towards the needle but instead of pulling it out she presses it firmly inside shocking everyone. Shezade asks what she did. Shagufta says that she tried seeing him only as her child but he ends up proving that he’s a devil. Ali pleads with Marjina to get up and Shezade laughs at him saying that he can’t do anything anymore.

He suggests to either kill her or witness her turn into a monster. Ali prays to God for Marjina. Shezade taunts Ali. Shagufta taunts Shezade saying that he doesn’t know the effect of trie love. She comes near Ali and asks him to open his eyes to see his Marjina alive. She reveals that she exchanged the drink for the second ritual and so the poison didn’t affect Marjina.

Ali thanks her wholeheartedly. Shezade again gets up but Shagufta locks him in a cage. Everyone wholeheartedly thanks Ali and Ali says that they are relieved from the fear of monsters forever and they can leave happily. He says along with his love he’s taking away their blessings with him.

Precap: Both Ali and the kids will be caught in a dust storm. Alifi will see Ali there and will call out for him.

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