Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 14th March 2023 Written Update: Shezade completes two rituals out of three for marrying Marjina

The episode starts with Ali asking Shagufta Begum to help him save Marjina. Begum stops him saying that there’s a way. Begam says there’s a weapon that is made of fire, air and water. She says it can stop him and it was found by Shezade’s father. However she says that they didn’t use it and one day Shezade killed his own father.

She also says that the weapon is in a very dangerous place and none survived who went inside the place. Ali says it doesn’t matter and asks her the way. Begam says that it’s in Shezade’s room and Ali gets ready to leave. Begam says that when her sacrifice is done then a light will appear which indicates the ritual is completed.

She says that if the light didn’t appear then Shezade will realise that something went wrong with the sacrifice and it could be dangerous for everyone including Marjina. Ali makes a fake light to convince Shezade.

People are discussing that once the wedding is done they would be relieved from the monster’s curse. Shezade brings Marjina to the mandap as the dawn is about to end. Ali searches for the secret passage in Shezade’s room and finds it in his cupboard. He opens it and the sun sets.

As the moon appears, Shezade transforms into his monster form. Everyone gets terrified that Rukhsar’s words were right. However they believe that once the curse is done they would be freed and decides to support Shezade. Shezade calls Marjina to go ahead with the rituals.

Marjina thinks that she needs to do it for saving the people and nods yes . Another devil appears in front of them but only Shezade could see it. The big monster asks Shezade to do three shaitani rituals so that she could enter Marjina’s body and turn her into shaitan.

Ali searches in the place while Shezade waits for the sacrifice light. The fake light illuminates and Shezade thinks that his mother is dead. He makes Marjina cut her hand and he cuts his own hand. He combines their blood together and asks for Marjina’s permission for the wedding.

Marjina gives her consent. Shezade can’t wait for the other two rituals to be done in order to turn Marjina into a monster. Ali fights a guard monster and defeats it. The big monster asks him to go ahead with the next ritual. He serves shaitani juice in two glasses and lies to Marjina that it’s juice.

The big monster makes Marjina give her consent to drink it too. Shezade thinks that it’s not normal juice but the one which changes her body to a monster. She gives her second consent to the wedding. As soon as she did it the big monster entered her body. He gets ready for the last ritual.

Precap: Shezade says that the last ritual is that he needs to attack his bride. While he attacks her, Ali finds the weapon and attacks Shezade in his back. Marjina faints in Ali’s arms and Ali tries to wake her up

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