Ajooni 7th April 2023 Written Update

Episode begins with Dolly gets shocked learning that Bharat kidnapped her. Bharat tells Dolly that he is going to take revenge on her. He says that today he will break her ego. Outside the temple, Harman cries. Ajooni consoles Harman. Bebe scolds Ajooni and Aman for being careless. Harman says that today is Dolly’s engagement. She starts searching Dolly.

Dolly pleads Bharat to stay away from her. Bharat tells Dolly that he also pleaded yesterday but no one listened him. He says that he will make her his wife. Meanwhile, Rajveer reaches the temple and tells Harman that he will find Dolly. Harman tells him that she won’t go to house without Dolly. He convinces her.

Dolly asks Bharat to spare her. And she apologizes to him. Bharat tells her that he got beaten up due to her. He says that he brought her to teach a lesson to her. And he is not that kind of person. He warns her to not do like this with someone else and opens the door. Rajveer and Ajooni comes there. Rajveer asks Bharat that what the latter did. Bharat tells him that he taught a lesson to Dolly. Rajveer tries to attack Bharat. Dolly stops him and tells him that Bharat did nothing. Rajveer apologizes to Bharat.

On the other hand, Tejender keeps talking about Rajveer. He regains his consciousness. Amrit asks him that why he is taking Rajveer’s name. Tejender tells them to bring his gun because he want to shoot Shanky. Amrit tells him to forgive Shanky. He says that he came between Rajveer and Shanky deliberately. She scolds him for saving Rajveer’s life. He reveals that Rajveer is his son and Shanky is Ravinder’s son. Shanky overhears their conversation.

Ravinder asks Harman that where is Dolly. Rajveer and Ajooni brings Dolly there. Harman hugs Dolly. Ravinder is about to beat Dolly but Rajveer stops his father. Rajveer says that Dolly realised her mistake and she is ready for the engagement. Ravinder says that he won’t believe Dolly. Harman asks Dolly that where the latter went. Dolly lies to her that she forgot way. Bebe says that Dolly is lying. She is about to beat Dolly but Rajveer stops her. Rajveer tells them to not get angry.

Dolly tells Ravinder that she is ready to marry the guy whom he selected for her. She says that she will try to become like Ajooni. Ravinder gets emotional hearing her and hugs her. He tells her that he love her so much and he just wants her happiness. And he did not wanted Dolly to go on wrong path. Ajooni takes Dolly inside to help her to get ready.

Amrit asks Tejender that how is this possible. Tejender tells her that everyone should know the truth now. He says that he exchanged the kids because Kaveri and Harman’s delivery happened in the same hospital.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shanky tells Ravinder that he is the latter’s son.

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