Ajooni 28th March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer challenges Sanky

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Tejinder that he is not saying anything because the latter is elder. He says that he will find the money at any cost. He warns him to not blackmail again and leaves from there. Sanky’s mother Kaveri asks Tejinder that what is all this. Tejinder tells her that it’s time to take revenge on Ravinder. On the other hand, Harman scolds Aman for throwing the sack bag away without checking what’s inside it. She says that Ajooni should have informed her about sack bag and Ajooni is flying too much because Ravinder supports Ajooni.

Tejinder calls Ravinder and asks him that if the latter is resigning his president post. Ravinder taunts him. Tejinder informs him about Rajveer’s actions. Ravinder asks him to wait, because Rajveer will get the money. Tejinder tells him that the latter will resign his president post for sure and disconnects the call. Sanky asks his father that why the latter left Rajveer alive. Tejinder slaps him for sleeping carelessly when Rajveer sneak into his room. Sanky informs him that Rajveer made him unconscious. He asks him that why the latter did not kill Rajveer. Tejinder tells him that they won’t get anything by killing Rajveer. He says that he is waiting for Ravinder’s resignation.

Meanwhile, Rajveer tells his friends that Tejinder hided the money somewhere else for sure. He asks them to find out Sanky’s weakness. They tells him that Sanky does gambling. Later, disguises Rajveer sits on Sanky’s table. Rajveer challenges Sanky in cards game. Sanky says that he is not afraid of anyone. He accepts the challenge. They starts playing cards game. Sanky wins the game. Rajveer and his friends gets shocked seeing that. Sanky mocks them. Rajveer laughs. And he signals at his friend. His friend keeps diamonds on the table. Rajveer claims that every diamond is 1 crore worth and he has 10 diamonds. Sanky tells him that he is not less than anyone. He asks him to wait and leaves from there.

Ravinder waits for Rajveer. Ajooni gives tea to him. But he refuses. She asks him that if he did not sleep. He tells her that it’s early morning and she did not sleep too. He says that he is not worried about money and his president post but he has to keep his promise. She assures him that Rajveer will come with money.

Sanky takes the 10 crore rupees. Rajveer comes there and he reveals his plan to Sanky. He beat Sanky and his goons. Next day, bank officer tells Ravinder that money news spread everywhere. Ravinder tells him that Rajveer will come with money. He says that he will resign his post if he can’t return the money today then. Rajveer comes there with money. He gives the money to bank officer. They leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tejinder asks Ravinder that if the latter want money. Ravinder makes Tejinder eat money.

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