Ajooni 21st March 2023 Written Update: Kamli reveals her real identity

Episode begins with Harsh asks Rajveer to leave him. Rajveer scolds him for having an affair with Ajooni. He says that he know Harsh attacked him. Harsh tells him that he don’t have an affair with Ajooni and he did not attack Rajveer. Rajveer asks him to not lie because Shikha told him that he and Ajooni tried to kill him. Harsh asks him to not trust Shikha. Rajveer tells him that Shikha informed him that the latter will attack Harvinder and that’s what happened. He asks him that who is his accomplice. Harsh tells him that the latter misunderstood everything. Rajveer threatens to kill Harsh. He gives one night time to think and leaves from there. Harsh tells himself that he won’t spare Shikha for double crossing him.

Kamli shows the sack bag to Rajveer. Rajveer tells her that he left knife beside Harsh so Harsh could escape easily. She asks him that why he did like that. He tells her that now Harsh will confront Shikha and tomorrow everyone will be exposed.

Shikha wonders that why Harsh said that there was no money in the sack bag. Harvinder comes there and tells her that he stole the money and went to store room but someone attacked him from behind and took the sack bag. He says that he could not even scream. And his hardwork went vain. She asks him to calm down and take rest. She thinks that Harsh lied to her. And she decides to not spare Harsh for double crossing her.

Harsh reaches his house. Shikha calls Harsh and scolds him for betraying her. She asks him about money. He tells her that she sent Rajveer to kill him. They decides to meet. He asks her to meet him at his house and disconnects the call. She thinks that she won’t let Harsh cheat her. Kamli and Rajveer hears everything. Kamli enters the room. Shikha tells Kamli that she is going out for an hour.

Disguise Sanky notices that everyone is leaving the house. He thinks that he has to enter the house to steal the money. Disguise
Tejinder comes there to steal the money. He makes Sanky unconscious without seeing the face. He notices Sanky’s face and sprinkles water on his son’s face.

Harman and Aman searches Kamli. Harman notices the sack bag and assumes that, that’s filled with waste things. She asks Aman to throw it away.

Shikha meets Harsh and fights with him. Harsh asks her that how can she trust Harvinder. He points a gun at her. Rajveer and Ravinder comes there with Kamli. Shikha tells Ravinder that Harsh was blackmailing her.

Tejinder and his son enters Bagga house. Aman gives the sack bag to Sanky and asks him to throw it away. Sanky and Tejinder notices that sack bag is filled with money and they leaves from there with sack bag.

Rajveer sees video from Harsh’s phone and he shows the video to Ravinder. Shikha tells Ravinder that Ajooni deserved to die. Kamli removes her get up and she talks like Ajooni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer reveals that he regained his memory in the farm house. Ravinder reveals that Shikha is pregnant with Harsh’s child.

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