Ajooni 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer fails Harvindar and Harsh’s plan

Scene 1
Ajooni makes a video of Shikha and Harsh. He asks her to expose Rajveer for killing Ajooni. She says I can’t do that, they won’t believe me easily, you have to give me more time. Ravindra comes outside the store-room and finds Kamli there. He asks what are you doing here? She says Shikha called me. He goes inside and asks Shikha what are you doing here? Kamli says she came to show me around and told me that we keep useless items here. He gets a call and leaves. Shikha asks Kamli what are you doing here? She says I was watching your movie. Shikha says you think you are over-smart? Kamli says I saved you from Ravindra.. I can understand that your husband is useless so you are having an affair. Shikha says don’t you dare tell anyone about this. Kamli says I would need some encouragement for that. Shikha gives her gold bangles and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Kamli says I didn’t see anything.

Ajooni shows Shikha and Harsh’s video to Rajveer. He says there is definitely something going on between them. She says yes. He says I can show this video to Ravindra. Ajooni says no, she would make up some story and twist it.. we have to find out what’s their relationship first.

Ravindra calls Shikha and asks her to give the safe keys, she asks why but he asks her to just give it. She gives it and he asks her to leave. She goes away but keeps an eye. Ravindra shows a big box to Harman and says there is 10 crores cash in this box. This is for a project and we have to protect them at all cost. Harman says I will protect this cash. They take the box from there. Shikha hears all that and says I can ask Harvindar to steal this and they we will be so rich. I will run away with Harsh with this money.

A man tells Dijendra and Shanky about the cash box that Ravindra got from the bank. Dijendra says if we steal that money then Ravindra will have to sell his house or business to repay that money. Shanky says I can easily steal that. Dijendra says its not easy to go to his house and steal, I will do it. He leaves. Shanky is angry that his father doesn’t believe in him.

Harvindar comes to Bebe’s room and sees her sleeping. He opens the safe and starts stealing. Rajveer and Ajooni keep an eye on him. Harsh is coming there too. Harvindar puts money in the bag from the safe. He leaves the room with the money bag. He sees Ravindra coming there so he hides the bag. Ravindra asks what are you doing here? He says I couldn’t sleep so I came to sit here. He asks him to stop being an idiot, you are so useless and you can’t even sleep on time. He asks him to go and sleep. Harvindar nods and leaves from there. Ravindra looks around but doesn’t find anything suspicious. He leaves from there. Rajveer comes there and changes the money bag with another. He leaves from there. Harvindar comes there and takes the replaced bag from there.

Shanky comes to Ravindra’s house and attacks the guard to enter the house. He changes into the guard and says now I will destroy Ravindra.

Harvindar brings the money bag to the store-room and calls for Shikha but Harsh is hiding there and attacks him. He faints, Harsh opens the bag but there is no money inside. He calls Shikha and says you think I am a fool? This bag has no money. Shikha says what are you saying? Harsh says are you trying to frame me? I won’t spare you. Rajveer comes there and attacks Harsh.

PRECAP – Rajveer captures Harsh and threatens him. Harsh says I didn’t attack you. Rajveer says stop lying as Shikha has told me everything. Later Rajveer tells Ajooni that we will expose them in the morning.

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