Ajooni 18th March 2023 Written Update: Sethi removes Rajveer from the party

Episode begins with Baggas reaches party office to attend the meeting. Shikha gives the pendrive to Harvinder. Sethi begins his speech and he says that he can see party’s future in Rajveer because Rajveer’s support proved his dedication towards the party. Everyone claps. Sethi announces that Rajveer’s video will be played. Harvinder exchanges the video. Everyone gets shocked seeing Rajveer and Kamli’s romance video. Ravinder asks to stop the video. But Sethi stops Ravinder and says that he want to know the truth. He asks that who is that lady. Party people drags Kamli in front of Sethi. Sethi asks Kamli that who is she.

Bebe asks to stop the video. Sethi tells her that stopping the video won’t change anything. He says that one thing is clear video girl is not Rajveer’s wife. Shikha tells him that Rajveer did nothing wrong because Kamli trapped Rajveer. She says that these kind of maid ruins other maids image. He scolds Rajveer for romancing with maid. He says that Rajveer disappointed him. He removes Rajveer from the party. Ravinder tells him to think again and it’s not big fault from Rajveer’s side. Harvinder taunts Ravinder. He says that Rajveer deserves punishment. Sethi agrees with Harvinder. Shikha smiles.

Rajveer tells them that video is not fake. Ravinder asks him that what the latter is saying. Rajveer says that it’s not full video. He tells his friend to play the next part of video. In the next video, Kamli tells Rajveer that she is pregnant with his child. Rajveer promises to marry her. Later, Rajveer insults Kamli and refuses to marry her. Kamli attempts to kill herself and Rajveer saves her. He tells her that his party will help her to get justice. They makes the video look like political campaign.

Rajveer looks at Kamli. He recalls that how he told Kamli that they can’t reveal her real identity until they exposes Shikha. Kamli tells her plan to him. She says that his party did so much for men so now his new plan should benefit women. And they can use that to flop Shikha’s plan. He comes to reality. He thanks Kamli for helping him to make video. He tells Sethi that this video is his new plan. He says that society need this kind of plan. And women will support their party if they helped them to get justice then. Everyone claps except Shikha. Sethi apologizes to Rajveer and Kamli for misunderstanding them. Ravinder praises Rajveer and hugs him.

Later, Harvinder breaks things in anger. Shikha asks him that if he become mad. He says that he got one chance and lost that too. He scolds her for becoming fool. He taunts her. She leaves from there and meets Harsh. Kamli records Shikha and Harsh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ravinder asks Shikha that what is she doing in store room at night. Kamli saves Shikha from Ravinder.

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