Ajooni 16th March 2023 Written Update: Shikha defames Ajooni’s character

Episode begins with Neeru says that Ajooni is not in their house. Ravinder asks Rajveer that what’s all this. Rajveer tells him that he dropped Ajooni outside her house. Subhash asks Rajveer that if the latter is sure. Harman tells him that Rajveer don’t lie like Ajooni. Subhash wonders that where Ajooni went. Neeru gets worried about Ajooni and cries. Shikha consoles her. Neeru tells Subhash to find Ajooni. Shikha tells Neeru that she heard Ajooni got engaged with doctor before marrying Rajveer so what if Ajooni is with that doctor now. Subhash scolds her. Bebe scolds him. Harman says that she think Shikha is right.

Neeru says that Ajooni is not like that. Ravinder tells her that he also used to think like that. He criticizes Ajooni’s actions. Subhash requests Rajveer to tell where is Ajooni. He says that he know Ajooni won’t leave Rajveer in this situation. Rajveer tells him that he really don’t know. Bebe tells Subhash and Neeru to leave and they leaves the house.

Kamli cries recalling how Baggas defamed her character. Rajveer comes there. She asks him that why her parents got insulted again. He apologizes to her. She says that she could not do anything and cries. He hugs her and consoles her. Aman breaks their hug. Harman and Shikha enters the kitchen. Harman asks Kamli that why the latter is crying. Aman lies to her that Rajveer scolded Kamli. Harman tells Kamli to make tea and sleep in the kitchen for few days. Kamli decides to tell the truth to her parents.

Outside Bagga house, Neeru asks Subhash that what if Baggas killed Ajooni. Subhash asks her to stop it. Kamli comes there and tells them that she want to talk to them. Neeru asks Kamli that if the latter know anything about Ajooni. Kamli hugs Neeru. She murmurs to Neeru to read the letter later and she gives the letter to her. And she goes inside. Shikha sees that and wonders that why Kamli hugged Neeru. Neeru reads the letter and learns that Kamli is Ajooni. Subhash tells her that Ajooni must have a reason to do this. They leaves from there.

Rajveer calls Neeru and apologizes to her and Subhash. Neeru tells him that Ajooni told her everything. Subhash tells Rajveer they want Ajooni’s safety that’s it. Rajveer asks them to not worry about Ajooni and disconnects the call.

Bebe scolds Kamli for breaking flower vase. Kamli hurts her finger while cleaning it. Rajveer sees that. After some time, Kamli serves dinner to everyone. Later, Kamli sleeps in the kitchen. Rajveer covers her with blanket. She wakes up. He places a kiss on her hand. She asks her to not become weak. He tells her that he can’t see her like this. He says that they are going out tomorrow. She hugs him. Shikha sees that and thinks that Rajveer love Kamli after killing Ajooni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shikha records Rajveer and Kamli’s outing.

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