Ajooni 15th March 2023 Written Update: Kamli witnesses Shikha stealing the necklace

Episode begins with Aman praises Kamli for performing ritual without anyone’s knowledge. Kamli tells her that she was about to lose Rajveer and she can’t take any risk now. She talks about the hardships she faced in her relationship. Aman tells her that she can understand everything. Kamli tells her that everyone will change once Shikha gets exposed. Aman tells her that Shikha is really cunning and she is scared. Kamli informs her that she saw duplicate key of locker in Shikha’s hand. She tells the plan to Aman. On the other hand, one man tells Ravinder that Tejinder stayed in the city for two days and now he don’t know anything about Tejinder. Ravinder tells his man to find out all the details about Tejinder.

Aman calls Shikha and tells her that Harsh won the lottery and she asks her to visit the office to collect the money. Kamli searches into Shikha’s room. Shikha calls Harsh and scolds him for not informing her about lottery. Harsh tells her that, that must be fake call. He asks her to arrange money to give to goons and disconnects the call.

Shikha sneak into Bebe’s room. She steals necklace from the locker. Kamli and Aman sees everything. Shikha leaves the house and waits for Harsh. Kamli and Aman follows Shikha. They wonders that why Shikha did not visit jeweller. Harsh comes there. Shikha gives the necklace to Harsh. Harsh asks her that why she stole necklace instead of money. She tells him that Bebe would have got to know if she took money then. She asks him to visit jeweller and make duplicate necklace.

She reveals that she exchanged Baggas family necklace with duplicate one and no one got to know about it yet. She tells him that she even falsely accused Ajooni’s mother Neeru. He nods at her and leaves from there. Kamli and Aman gets shocked hearing everything. Kamli says that Shikha should not have dragged Neeru in all this. She is about to confront Shikha but Aman stops the former and says that Shikha will get to know Kamli is Ajooni. Kamli tells Aman that she won’t spare Shikha. She reaches the house and screams Shikha’s name. Rajveer drags her and reminds her that why she entered the house as Kamli. He tells her that if she confronted Shikha now then Shikha will get escaped. He says that they will play like Shikha. He convinces her to wait for right time.

Shikha tells Baggas that she heard Ajooni’s voice. Harman tells Shikha that Ajooni is not in the house. Ajooni’s parents Subhash and Neeru comes there. Bebe throws the gifts they brought. Subhash asks Rajveer that what’s all this. Neeru says that Ajooni is also suffering. Bebe scolds Ajooni for leaving Rajveer alone in this condition. Neeru says that Ajooni is not in her house and they came to meet Ajooni.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Shikha talks about Ajooni’s affair.

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