Ajooni 14th March 2023 Written Update: Rajveer secretly helps Kamli

Episode begins with Kamli struggles to complete her punishment. Meanwhile, Ravinder scolds Harvinder for not doing anything. He says that he used to send Rajveer for party rallies but now he don’t have any trustable guy to sent. Rajveer tells him that he will go for party rally. Harman asks him that if he regained his memory. Rajveer says that his don’t remember anything but he want to go out and divert his mind. And doctor also suggested to do the works he used to do when he was normal.

Ravinder asks Bebe that why Shikha and Aman are serving and where is Kamli. Shikha tells him that Kamli burnt the food so Bebe gave punishment to Kamli. Rajveer says that he is not hungry and leaves from there. He goes out and helps Kamli. Kamli tells him that they will end up in problem if anyone saw them together then. He tells her that he can’t leave her alone. She assures him that she can complete the punishment. But he refuses to leave saying that he will help her no matter what. He says that he can’t see her struggling. They spends time together while completing the punishment. He helps her and she completes the punishment. They shares an eye lock. He tries to kiss her.

Aman sees Harman going out to see Kamli so she tries to stop Harman. But Harman says that she has to see Kamli and goes out. Aman screams to alert Kamli and Rajveer. Rajveer hides before Harman sees him. Harman tells Kamli that the latter won’t get food until she completes her punishment and goes inside. Aman comes there.

Later, Harman asks Bebe that why Guruji called at night time. Bebe tells her that ladies of Baggas has to perform puja tomorrow for mens of baggas well-being. Kamli hears that. She tells Bebe that she completed the punishment. Harman tells Aman to give food to Kamli. Aman tells her that garvy is over. Harman tells her to give pickle to Kamli.

In the kitchen, Rajveer brings his gravy and he feeds Kamli. He informs her that tomorrow he is going for party rally. Kamli tells him about puja.

Next day, Harman tells Bebe that she prepared everything for puja. Kamli gives aarti plate to Harman and Aman. She follows the ritual and performs Rajveer’s aarti ( Title song plays in the background ). Bebe scolds Kamli. She complains about Kamli’s work to Aman. She orders Kamli to stay silent. Harman asks Bebe that who will perform Rajveer’s aarti. Ravinder tells her to do it. Rajveer says that he don’t believe in all this and goes inside.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kamli and Aman sees Shikha stealing the necklace and giving it to Harsh. They learns that Shikha stole Baggas family necklace and put the blame on Ajooni’s mother Neeru.

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