Agnisakshi 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Satvik asking Jeevika to become his friend. He says to spend the remaining few months of togetherness as good friends as they can’t become a good husband-wife. He says that she can be his good friend, since she understands him well. Jeevika gets emotional. Satvik feeds food to Jeevika. The latter accepts Satvik’s friendship request. Being a friend, Satvik asks Jeevika to rest. Jeevika says that he can ask her to do anything as he has full right on her.

On the other hand, Rao phones Rajnandhini. Rao says that Vohara will soon come to Pune. He says that it’s not possible to strike a deal with Vohara when Satvik is there. However, Rajnandhini is determined to get the deal. Here, Satvik apologizes to Jeevika for shouting at her. Jeevika says that there’s no sorry in friendship. Satvik explains that he wasn’t angry at her, but upset with Narayan for not respecting his decision. He blames himself for not being able to win Narayan’s trust like his brother. Jeevika asks Satvik to rest too.

Jeevika’s birthday party begins. Jeevika’s family make their entry and give a dance performance. Manohar says to Narayan that they are lucky that Jeevika has in-laws who have arranged a party for their daughter-in-law. Narayan says that they’re lucky that Jeevika has become their family daughter-in-law. He says that Jeevika lightened their house. Aadiya welcomes Satvik and Jeevika as the main couple of the bollywood theme party. Jeevika meets her family members and hugs them.

Swara overhears Shlok talking about her to his friend over the call. Shlok says that Swara isn’t sweet like Jeevika. Swara makes Shlok eat the green chili. Ruhi arrives there and scolds Swara. She insults Swara by saying that she’s often visiting her sister-in-law. Swara gives her a befitting reply. She taunts Ruhi for permanently staying at her sister’s in-law’s house.

Jeevika cuts the cake. She’s about to feed the cake piece to Satvik. The latter stops Jeevika and says that he likes to apply cake to people’s faces rather than eat it. Jeevika runs. Satvik chases Jeevika. Rajnandhini fumes in a rage at seeing this. Jhanvi says that they were playing this same game the other day in the room. Satvik and Jeevika walk from there, pretending to receive a call. Narayan says that it was an excuse to leave together. Pallavi convinces Pratheep not to ask Satvik about Supriya as Satvik and Jeevika seem happy together. Pratheep also agrees with Pallavi, as he thinks that Surpiya was Satvik’s past, but Jeevika is his present.

Pallavi tries to tell Rajnandhini about Pratheep learning about Supriya and Satvik’s love affair. But Rajnandhini taunts Pallavi about always wanting money. She gives Pallavi a bangle and walks away. Aadiya announces that now it’s time for Satvik and Jeevika’s dance and romance. Aadiya convinces Jeevika to dance while Swara convinces Satvik. Sukanya and Manohar are elated to see Satvik and Jeevika happy. Jeevika and Satvik give a dance performance together.

The episode ends.

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