Agnisakshi 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik decides to do something

The Episode starts with Satvik getting a call and telling everyone that he has to go for meeting. Narayan tries to stop him and asks Rajnandini to tell him. Rajnandini tells that Papa has booked honeymoon suite for both of you and you both will like it. Sukanya goes to get water. Pallavi tells Manohar that jeevika had called just now and told that she is fine. Manohar says I want to talk to her once. Pallavi says it doesn’t look nice if you call now, and says if Aai comes to know then she will have extra pain. Satvik tells Narayan that they can’t go to honeymoon suite. Lata says it is good, and tells that honeymoon in hotel is not good. She says he shall spend first night in his room. Narayan says Lata is right and gives her responsibility to handle the matter. Lata asks Rajnandini to get the room decorated. Rajnandini says ok, and says first I will show the house to Jeevika. Jeevika goes with her. Lata asks Aadhya to come with her to Satvik’s room.
Narayan tells Satvik that Jeevika is the special part of the family, as she has left her family and came here, she could do this, as she trusts you strongly and asks him not to let her trust break.

Sukanya gives water to manohar. Manohar says he will go to room and rest. Sukanya asks Pallavi why your baba is worried for Jeevi? Pallavi says Jeevi has never stayed in other’s house before, so he is worried that how she will handle the house. Sukanya asks if he came to know that Jeevi can never become a mother. Pallavi says no, and asks her to trust her. Rajnandini tells Jeevika about Papa, Satvik and others. Shlok says they will trouble choti bhabhi. Juhi says if you trouble badi bhabhi then you will be troubled, and tells that the house is run with her remote. Shlok says house is run by her love. They go to Satvik’s room. Shlok tries to hide the gifts returned by Supriya. Juhi shows the pillow to Rajnandini. Rajnandini says Satvik has kept it for Jeevika. She asks Jeevika what she will gift to Satvik. She asks her to say some poetry or sing a song. Lata Mausi comes there and asks shlok to get the room decorated. Shlok says ok. Jeevika goes with Lata. Rajnandini tells Shlok that if he had not try to hide it, then she wouldn’t have lied. Later she tells Juhi that Satvik will break Jeevika’s heart.

Satvik tells Manas that Mausi told about their first night. He says he has thought to do something tomorrow. Jeevika thinks what to give to Satvik so that she feels good. She opens her bag and finds the box. She then gets the letter, and calls Pradeep. Pradeep says you are calling after 4 hours. He asks if the rasams have happened. Jeevika says rasams have happened and Satvik is happy too. She tells him that she got the paper of his calculation. He says I will note it down. She opens it and tells the calculation. The letter is on the other side. She asks Pradeep why did he spend 1.5 lakhs on flowers. He says it was flower’s marriage. She keeps back the paper in her bag. Lata Mausi comes there and asks her not to talk to them much. She says they are not your family now. She asks her to take the milk glass and come with her. Jeevika goes to Satvik’s room. Satvik comes there.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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