Agnisakshi 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Narayan welcomes Jeevika in the house

Agnisakshi 4th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeevika and Satvik are in the car with Shlok and driver. Satvik offers his handkerchief to Jeevika, but she says she is fine. Satvik says I know your tears are not reasonless, I know the reason. He says the matter is about few days. Shlok says once we reach home, then her tears will stop, it will be difficult for her to adjust, but we are with you always. Driver stops the car suddenly. Satvik keeps hand infront of her forehead so that she don’t get hurt. Jeevika thanks him. Rajnandini asks Servant to keep the Kalash on the door step. Juhi asks if your smile is real or fake. Rajnandini says she is happy that another naukrani is coming. Juhi says today is their first night here. Rajnandini says Papa has booked the hotel for him, but he doesn’t know that Jeevika will go in few days. Juhi asks what? Rajnandini asks her to think about wedding night and says they must be coming. Satvik and Jeevika reach home and get down from the car. Shlok says Bhabhi will go, seeing your behavior. Jeevika says I came here to stay all life and thereafter too, but will not scare you all. She says she cries like Aadhya. Narayan welcomes Jeevika in the house. Aadhya says she is getting Diwali feeling. Lata tells that Savitri is missed today, and tells that when she is not here, but her sister is here, who is me? She asks Jeevika to kick the kalash and get inside the house. Jeevika kicks the kalash and gets inside with Satvik. Rajnandini does their aarti.

Lata Mausi asks her to enter, keeping her feet in the alta plate. Jeevika enters the house. Manohar and the family reach home. Pradeep finds the lock jammed. Manohar is upset. Pallavi says everything will be fine. Manohar says I want to see the diya and asks Pradeep to break it. Pradeep asks him to have patience. He opens the lock. They get inside. Manohar looks at the diya who is still lighting, he gets happy and folds his hand. Sukanya tells Pallavi that don’t know what happened to him.

Jeevika lights the diya in the inhouse temple and prays. Lata says Savitri must be happy seeing this, and I shouldn’t have been worried about other rasams. Aadhya asks what? Lata tells about the rasam. Aadhya asks Rajnandini. Rajnandini says I don’t know. Jeevika tells that Saas keeps her bahu like beti, and combs her hair and sees her in mirror. Lata appreciates Jeevika and insults Rajnandini. She says atleast one bahu is good. Rajnandini says that’s why I choose her. Aadhya asks Narayan Lala can do this rasam. Narayan says yes, but Rajnandini can do this rasam. Lata says we don’t know about Udkarsh.

Manohar comes to Jeevika’s room and thinks about her. Sukanya comes there and says she will serve the food. Manohar refuses to eat anything. Sukanya says everyone is alone without Jeevi. Manohar says daughter is not daughter after marriage, but I will be her Baba always. Sukanya says Satvik will keep her happy and will love her very much. Manohar recalls Manas’s words and his condition deteriorates. Pallavi comes there. Manohar asks if Jeevi will be happy there. Narayan asks how can you say this about my eldest son Udkarsh. Rajnandini says may be she don’t want to hurt you. Narayan says Udkarsh will always be there for me. Shlok asks if you will welcome Jeevika like this. Satvik says let Bhabhi do this rasam. Rajnandini starts combing Jeevika’s hair. Lata says you should have applied sindoor on the comb. Narayan says you are now our beti also, this is the start of Rajnandini and your strong relation. He says I hope you will take up the responsibility like Rajnandini. Rajnandini hurts Jeevika and thinks she will return her house. She asks Satvik to sit with Jeevika. Satvik sits with her. Rajnandini smiles sees herself between Satvik and Jeevika. She thiks they can’t be together in her presence.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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