Agnisakshi 29th March 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini’s evil plan

The episode starts with Jeevika teasing Satvik for not giving space for her to keep her things in the washroom. Satvik tells her that he will give space for her things. Jeevika thanks him and leaves. Later, Jeevika gives tea to everyone. Ruhi asks her to give her a hot tea. Shlok asks her to take it from the kitchen instead of ordering Jeevika. Jeevika gives her tea to her. Ruhi tastes it and complaints about its taste. She asks her. Doesn’t she know how to prepare tea? Shlok asks her to prepare tea if she wants. She shouldn’t order Jeevika like that. He mocks her that she doesn’t know how to prepare tea first.

Ruhi tells him that she has no intention of insulting Jeevika. Her expectations reached very high after tasting her first Rasoi food. She forgets that it’s not her rasoi to prepare tea. She won’t get anything in return. Shlok lashes out at Ruhi for not giving respect to Jeevika. He lashes out at her. Ruhi leaves from there. Jeevika feels happy to see Jhanvi and Prateep there.

Vohar says to Rajnandini that this is an amazing deal. Both profit from this deal. But there is a problem. Satvik shouldn’t have come to know about this deal. When he comes to know the truth, this deal will be cancelled. Rajnandini assures him that he won’t learn the truth. She talks with someone on the phone. Later, Jeevika gives a fake cough. He tells her that she has good improvement in her fake cough.

Jeevika informs Satvik that he is thinking about giving the things back she had given him. He applies the cream on her face. She chases him behind. Jhanvi says that they didn’t add her to that game. Later, Prateep greets Narayanan. He gives Jeevika’s medical reports to him and says maybe he needs these reports in the future. He notices Narayanan is busy checking his accounts. Prateep asks him to get Jeevika’s help. She is brilliant at accounts. This is a big industry she may take time to check, but she is a genius.

Jhanvi took photos. Jeevika asks her not to use her mobile so often. It will affect her eyes. Jhanvi says that they played a hide and seek game. Jhanvi takes Satvik and Jeevika’s photo. Prateep takes Jeevika from there. Rajnandini says to Satvik that she wants to talk with him alone. Jhanvi accompanied him. Jeevika checks the accounts and informs Narayanan that this entry sheet is not tally. Someone didn’t mention the correct accounts or hide the entry. It’s a serious issue he might look into. Meanwhile, Rajnandini notices Satvik creating a space for Jeevika’s things. She discussed with him a deal.

Narayanan says to Jeevika that Rajnandini will solve this issue. He changes his mind and tells her that Rajnandini was taking care of many responsibilities. He asks her to take care of it. Later, Satvik and Supriya’s picture was in the book. Adaya mistakenly keeps it inside Jhanvi’s book. Rajnandini thinks that if Satvik didn’t agree to it then her plan would backfire. Ruhi asks Jeevika to give him the juice in front of Prateep. She asks Jeevika to cook the food which Satvik hates. Satvik says to Narayanan that he was checking the accounts. They are discussing the deal. Ruhi informs Rajnandini that she asked Jeevika to cook the food which Satvik hates a lot. She describes to her how Satvik will act in front of Jeevika.

Episode ends

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