Agnisakshi 28th March 2023 Written Update: Latha mocks Rajnandini

The episode starts with Jeevika saying to Satvik that she used to eat ice cream at night along with Swara without anyone’s knowledge to escape from Sukanya’s taunts. He tells her that he used to eat like her. She says to him that he was talking about his childhood. She was like that before our wedding. Satvik admires her. They are shocked to find their siblings there. Shlok says that he skipped his friends’ party to enjoy the ice cream with Jeevika. They snatched the ice cream from them then ate it. Jeevika snatches it back and eats it. They are shocked to find Narayanan there.

Ruhi says to Rajnandini that she is so happy because Narayanan kicked Latha out of the house. She doesn’t want to mess with them again. Rajnandini says that it’s better she left the house or else she would have kicked her out of the house. Ruhi says to her that she understood why she brought Jeevika to this house as her younger daughter-in-law after she supported her. Rajnandini says that she made their jodi not that god. She is an emotional fool. If she shows little care for her, then she is ready to sacrifice her life for anyone. She is going to use her to ruin everyone’s life here. Later, Narayanan joins Jeevika’s ice cream party. Narayanan says that his children’s childhood memories make him happy. He shares with Jeevika his children’s naughty things. Jeevika asks him about his elder son. He expressed his happiness with her after recollecting their childhood memories. He shares with her whatever naughtiness they did in their childhood. Narayanan adds that he isn’t getting angry for the first time thinking about his elder son. Satvik thanked Jeevika.

Ruhi asks Rajnandini what’s going on here? They enjoy the party together without her. Latha comes there and tells her that the main picture is yet to show. It’s a family show. She may be leaving this house, but soon Rajnandini and Ruhi will leave. She insults her and leaves. Meanwhile, Jeevika notices Satvik is humming the song happily. She asks him, Is he taking leave tomorrow? She used to be happy like him if she got leave. He tells her that he is happy for tomorrow. He thanked her for uniting his family. They stared at each other. Satvik says to her that mom would have been happy if she saw everyone being together like this. He shares with her when they were together last time. He adds that destiny was like that. Jeevika tells her that this ice cream party is just the beginning. They will go many times to get together. Satvik tells her that he is busy with his business. He rarely speaks with him. He excuses her. Jeevika says to Satvik’s mom that she will unite this family before she leaves the house. She promised to her. Later, Jhanvi packs her things to meet Jeevika. Pallavi makes fun of Prateep. She tells him that she will also accompany her. Prateep refuses it. Swara asks him to give Jeevika’s file to her.

Rao informs Rajnandini that this is a secret account. No one is able to find it. It’s impossible to access it without her permission. She discussed her deal with him. Meanwhile, Jeevika recalls Latha’s warning. She thinks that Latha may have said to her in anger. Later, a neighbour informs Sukanya that Bimla’s daughter was divorced because she didn’t carry a baby. Sukanya says that it’s not a big deal but that girl was a good person. Meanwhile, Satvik mistakenly uses Jeevika’s cream instead of paste to brush. She makes fun of him.

Episode end

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