Agnisakshi 23rd March 2023 Written Update: The family praises Jeevika’s cooking

The episode starts with Rajnandini saying to Jeevika that she shouldn’t take stress about this small matter. She will order the food in a few minutes. Jeevika denies it, reasoning she isn’t feeling good. Narayanan asks Jeevika what she prepared specially for them? Jeevika tells him the menu. Narayanan is excited about tasting her handmade food. He tells her let’s eat breakfast together. Rajnandini tells her that Narayanan seems excited about tasting the food. Rajnandini says that she mistakenly said her favourite food menu to him. She will order the same. Jeevika tells her that she is able to cook that. She will prepare it in a few minutes. Rajnandini didn’t allow her to cook and ordered the food for them. She adds that she is well aware of everyone’s taste in this house.

Jeevika is nervous thinking about it. Satvik notices her and comes near her. He apologizes to her for not taking care of her. Because of her, she stayed hungry yesterday. Jeevika says to him that everything is happening because of him. He is maintaining a business but not taking care of his health. He has a large kitchen in his house but does not have proper food on time. If he focuses on his business like that, skipping food, then his health condition turns worse. Everyone eats food for hunger but they are skipping it in the name of diet. Satvik holds her hand to stop shouting at him. Satvik says that silent Jeevika shouted at him non-stop. He asks her what’s bothering her? She asks her if he has a solution to her problem. He nodded to her. Later, Ruhi complaints to Rajnandini that she ruined her plan. She shouldn’t have informed Jeevika about everyone’s favourite dishes. Rajnandini tells her that she created a big problem for Jeevika. She gave everyone’s favourite food list to Jeevika but she had no time to cook. She creates a problem for Jeevika and pretends to give a solution for her. She cancels the order and asks the delivery boy to keep the money. Ruhi appreciates Rajnandini’s plan. Rajnandini tells her that it’s impossible to guess what’s going on in her mind.

Latha says to family members that it’s a special day. My daughter-in-law cooked breakfast for them. Let’s see whether she creates her own place for her in everyone’s heart. Servants serve the food to everyone. Rajnandini thinks how Jeevika arranged the food in a short time? She calls the delivery boy to confirm whether the order was cancelled or not. Ruhi says that everyone is going to complain about the taste of the food. Rajnandini is waiting to see Narayanan’s reaction. She is shocked to see everyone praising Jeevika’s food. Rajnandini pretends to praise Jeevika for giving Marathi a taste of food for them. Ruhi comments that she may order the food from outside. Latha says that she is an original Marathi daughter-in-law. She isn’t like Ruhi and her sister. Rajnandini tasted the food and appreciated her. Ruhi says that she can’t eat this food. Satvik asks Jeevika to sit and eat food with him. Shlok teases him. Ruhi provokes Rajnandini against them. Narayanan says to Jeevika that not only Satvik but also everyone will be happy if she eats food with them. Satvik excuses them for making a phone call. She follows him behind. She recalls the way Satvik helped Jeevika to prepare the breakfast for everyone. He admires her the way he cooked for them. She admires the way he helped her. She gives him the food to taste. He pranks her first and praises her taste. Later, Satvik is coughing fakely to get her attention. She says to him that she was waiting for him to keep his phone down to thank him. She asks him, is he interested in sketching? He nodded to her. She thanks him for helping her.

Episode end

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