Agnisakshi 20th March 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini manipulates Satvik

The episode starts with Satvik saying to Jeevika that she is able to start a new life after he divorces her. Jeevika says to him that he has already ruined it. It’s not a movie to start a new life early. Neither Satvik nor the lawyer was able to help her to do it. She says to him that he doesn’t want to work for it. He will get divorced asap. She shares her grief with him. Satvik feels guilty after hearing it. She was about to leave but her sarie edge was stuck in her suitcase. He helps her to remove it. He asks her how she is, hoping that everything will be alright even after he messed up things. He asks her if he doesn’t get to sleep while the lights are on, then why did he turn them on for a whole night? He didn’t like ice cream, then why did he store ice cream in his refrigerator? He removed her sarie edge from her suitcase. Jeevika leaves from there. Satvik was lost in his thoughts.

Rajnandini says to Ruhi that she is going out for an important thing. She had to give medicine to Narayanan. Ruhi says to her that she isn’t a servant here. Where is his younger daughter-in-law in this house? Is she sleeping till? Jeevika hears and informs Rajnandini that she will give medicine to Narayanan today. Satvik thanked her for it. Jeevika says that he is treating her like his daughter. It’s her duty to take care of him. Rajnandini appreciates her. She says to Satvik that she wants to discuss the Bangalore project with him. Rajnandini informs her that she wrote medicine time on the medicine. She knew it would be tough for her to identify the medicine. Ruhi makes fun of her for it. She asks her if she knows how to write Hindi at least? She nodded to her.

Pallavi is on cloud nine after seeing the money. She is planning to spend that money. Sukanya questions her how she got this much money? Pallavi managed to lie with her. She asked her why Siddhi was going to visit our house? Sukanya says that she is like our daughter. It’s not wrong to meet Manohar. Later, Jeevika gives medicine to Narayanan. He says to her that he thought Rajnandini had forgotten to give medicine to him. He adds that he doesn’t need this medicine if she gives a grandchild to him. He will be alright if he plays with the children. Pallavi calls Jeevika and informs her that Siddhi is going to meet Manohar. Later, Satvik meets his clients and discusses the Bangalore project. They inform him that they need Rajnandini’s approval for it. Rajnandini lies and Narayanan asks her to do it. She is aware how important it is to him. Later, Jeevika stops Siddhi from meeting Manohar and convinces her. Sukanya is happy to meet them and takes Jeevika and Siddhi inside.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini says to him that Narayanan forced her to take this banglore project. She doesn’t know why he is trusting her more than his son. Satvik says that he isn’t worried about it. He isn’t a good son to him. Rajnandini manipulates him. Meanwhile, Manohar asks them to prepare sweets. Siddhi denied it. Jeevika lies to them that she was angry with her because she didn’t talk with her during her wedding. Later, Rajnandini says that she may be handling this project for them. She manipulates him against Narayanan. Rajnandini smirks at him. She plots against him. Later, Jeevika tries to convince Siddhi but Sukanya comes there. She manages the situation. Pallavi comes there to support her.

Episode ends

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