Agnisakshi 17th March 2023 Written Update: Rajnandini grows suspicious

The episode starts with Shlok introducing Athul Dev to Satvik. Athul says to him that he knew Satvik and Jeevika. He met them today. Jeevika holds Satvik’s hands in fear. Athul manages the situation to protect them. Swara takes Satvik and Jeevika from there. Meanwhile, Rajnandini assures Pallavi that she will answer all her questions, but not now. Pallavi asks her why she is looking nervous? Rajnandini offers money to her to close her mouth. Pallavi is on a cloud after receiving money. Satvik assures Jeevika that he will handle this situation. He consoles her. Later, Narayanan talks about his grandchild. Sukanya and Pallavi feel guilty after hearing his expectations about welcoming grandchildren asap. Satvik and Jeevika dance together. Jeevika recalls Satvik’s words and faints due to stress. Satvik carries her in her hand and rushes to his room. Rajnandini says to Narayanan that he got discharged from the hospital recently so he shouldn’t take stress about this matter. She will take care of Jeevika.

Later, the doctor checks Jeevika and informs everyone that she just needs rest. She fainted due to stress. Jeevika apologises to everyone for troubling them. Rajnandini says that she isn’t troubling them. Narayanan says to her that he will send guests. Swara tresses Satvik after seeing him staring at Jeevika. Jeevika thanked him. Later, Swara praises Satvik in front of Sidhi. She gets irritated after hearing it. She says to Swara that she wants to talk with Prateep about something important. Swara doubts why she is behaving strangely. Pallavi is on cloud nine after counting the money. Jhanvi asks him to open the door. Pallavi managed to take her from there.

Satvik meets Athul Dev and thanks him for hiding the truth from his family. Athu says that it’s a confidential matter. He won’t reveal his clients’ matters. Rajnandini comes there. Satvik manages to divert the topic. Rajnandini grows suspicious. Later, Prateep says to Jeevika that they will get near her whenever she wants to meet them. Jeevika adds that she is missing them a lot. Manohar asks her to stay at home if she misses them. Pallavi says that every woman might stay in their in-law’s house after their wedding. Swara was thinking about Siddhi’s words. Manas asks Satvik what’s bothering him? He vented out his anger at him. He adds that he doesn’t know what Jeevika will gain from this marriage. He blames himself for everything. Later, Rajnandini assures Sukanya there is nothing to worry about Jeevika. She will take care of her. Prateep praises Jeevika in front of everyone. He assures them if she needs anything just ask him without hesitation. Narayanan gives send off to Jeevika’s life. Satvik notices that Swara is lost in some thoughts. Swara opens up with him. Satvik assures Swara that he will take good care of her. Satvik feels guilty after hearing her expectations of them. Later, Jeevika refuses to take medicine. Satvik advises her to take it. She is surprised to hear that he filled the refrigerator with her favourite ice cream. Satvik asks her why she agreed to marry him even after knowing the truth. Satvik helps her to remove her jewels.

Rajnandini asks Juhi to help her. Juhi asks her to call Jeevika to help her. Rajnandini says to her that she planned many surprises for her new daughter-in-law. She adds that Satvik’s love story ends before it starts. The next day, Jeevika notices that sunlight is disturbing Satvik’s sleep. She closes the curtain for him. Mausi knocked on the door at that time. She wants to hide the truth from her that Satvik is sleeping on the floor. She teases Jeevika. She notices him sleeping on the floor. Jeevika lies to her that he falls down while rolling on bed. She gives a pillow to him. Mausi advises them to stop talking at night. Then only Narayanan gets a grandchild asap. Later, Jeevika asks him why didn’t he turn off the lights yesterday? He says that she won’t go to sleep in the dark. She asks him to sleep for his comfort. Swara and Pallavi end up arguing with each other. Prateep stops them. Jeevika says to Satvik that they are going to get divorced in 6 months. She doesn’t want to accuse him of it. Satvik says that she is able to start a new life after she divorces him. Jeevika says that he ruined it.

Episode end

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