Agnisakshi 10th April 2023 Written Update: Pratheep slaps Satvik

The Episode starts with Pratip giving Jeevika her favorite sweet and urging her to eat it immediately. Jeevika says she will eat it later as Satwik also gave her the same sweet. She informs Pradeep about Satwik’s birthday surprise. She asks Pradeep why he looks angry with Satwik. Pratip says he wanted to ask Satwik how much he loves Jeevika, but he got his answer. He says that he cannot be angry on Satvik, who loves his sister very much.

Satvik and Manas discuss livelihood. Manas says Jeevika has accepted Jeevika and her love and he loves her. Satwik makes it clear that he only loves Supriya and will. Pratip strongly supported it. Manas and Satvik are shocked to see Pratip. The latter slaps Satwik without letting him speak. Meanwhile, Jeevika is on a call with her friend and tells her about a birthday surprise for everyone in the family. Her friend asks what Satvik did for her. Here, Pratip catches Satwik by his shirt collar and asks him how dare he betray Jeevika. He asks Satwik why did he marry Jeevika and ruin her life when he was in love with someone else. Manas asks Satvik to tell the truth to Pratip. Satvik remains silent. Hence, Manas tells Pratip that Jeevika knew the truth before their marriage and was ready to marry Satwik despite knowing the truth, which stuns Pratip.

There, Jeevika tells her friend about Satwik’s birthday surprise. She says that Satvik befriended her. She hopes that she can make a place in Satwik’s heart. Her friend asks her not to have any false hopes. Here, Pratip refuses to believe Manas. He says that Manas could have lied to save his friend. He says that Jeevika’s dream is to have a family after marriage, so if she knew the truth, she would never have agreed to marry Satvik. He decides to talk to Jeevika about this to find out the truth. He warns Satwik that he will not spare him if he finds out that he cheated Jeevika.

Talks are on between Jeevika, Bhosale and the Rane family. Pallavi thinks where are Pratip and Satvik. Just then Pratip reaches there and forcibly takes Jeevika away from there to talk. Narayan asks what happened to Pratip. Pallavi says that Pratip must have taken Jeevika to surprise her on her birthday. Pallavi gets worried. There, Manas asks Satwik why he was silent when Pratip accused him. Satwik says that he did wrong to Jeevika even though he has already told the truth to Jeevika. He understands Pratip’s affection for Jeevika. Manas fears that Pratip will reveal the truth to the family. Satwik says it doesn’t matter as the family will know the truth in a few months.

Pratip asks Jeevika if she knows about Supriya and Satwik’s love affair. Jeevika admits that she knows about it, which shocks Pratip. Rajnandini takes Pallavi aside and asks why didn’t she tell her earlier that Pratip wanted to ask Satwik about his relationship with Supriya. Pallavi says she tried to tell him, but he did not listen to her. Rajnandini blackmails Pallavi into framing her and asks her to handle her husband before she spoils her plan.

Pratip asks Jeevika why she married Satwik despite knowing the truth. He asks if Pallavi forced him for this marriage. Jeevika denies and now refuses to tell him the reason. She says that she is happy with Satvik, so she asks him to end this matter here. Pratip refuses to take it. He asks Jeevika to leave this house immediately. Jeevika refuses. Pratip says Satwik will never give wife rights to Jeevika. Jeevika reminds Pratip that she is already Satvik’s wife and even God cannot change this fact. Satvik reaches there and hears this.

There Bhosle and Rane sit down to eat. Here, Jeevika flatly refused to leave the house. But Pratip is determined to take Jeevika with him. Satvik intervenes. He says Pratip is doing wrong. He says that if Jeevika does not want to leave the house, then he cannot force her to do so. Pratip scolds Satwik. He asks Satvik to stop acting nice as he knows the truth. Pratip tries to take Jeevika by force. Satwik holds Jeevika’s hand. He tells Pratip that Jeevika doesn’t want to go with him, so no one can take her away forcibly. Pratip accuses Satwik of lying to Jeevika. The latter clarifies that Satwik did not lie to him. They treated him well and gave him respect. Pratip asks Satvik by what right he is stopping Jeevika. He says that there is no husband-wife relationship between them and asks what is their relationship.

What is the name of Shte? Satvik leaves the hand of Jeevika. Jeevika looks at him with teary eyes.

Episode Ends

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