Aashao Ka Savera steps onto its first milestone, completing 100 episodes

MUMBAI :Star Bharat has mesmerized its audience with its exquisite and exciting content, with Star Bharat’s ‘Aashao Ka Savera…Dheere Dheere Se’ reaching its first milestone of 100 episodes. The show has taken the audience on an emotional rollercoaster  as  story  is relatable to many women out there in the society especially who are widows ‘ The story depicts their  challenges being  individual women and  also encourages women to stand on their own two feet and fight for their own identity after their partners demise. Reena Kapoor aka Bhawana, and Rahil Azam aka  Raghav, express their joy and excitement on the show completing its first milestone
Reena Kapoor overwhelmingly says, “ I’m extremely excited and happy about this achievement of our show which has completed 100 episodes. Everyday on shoot has been satisfying for me as an actor, as I have so much to showcase as the my character’Bhawana’. My character is emerging as a inspiration to many women in the society and it beautiful portray the struggle of single women and also gives a message that no women is weak and alone if she wants to she can do anything without any support. I’m thankful to the audience for giving so much of love to the show and my character.

Rahil Azam joyfully says, “Definitely it’s an achievement, considering the fact that in today’s time many shows do not last even for a century.. Having said that, speaking from an artist point of view,the exact feeling of completion of a century can be best expressed by Reena Kapoor.. who has been there non stop, right from the first shot till the one being taken as I pen this down.. my hardwork is not even half as much  as she has put in .. I congratulate her , my co actors, star Bharat n the entire team of swastik(creative, production,direction,camera). May the Almighty bless us with many more to come!!!!!”


Viewers are intrigued by the show’s current narrative where  Raghav’s tactics work because ‘Bhawana’ takes his advice, and over time, their relationship grows strong as Raghav gradually falls in love with her. In the forthcoming track, the audience will experience a lot of turmoil and get to see a new side of ‘Bhawana’ and her affirmations.

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